Bulk uploads help

Welcome to the Bulk Add Import Help file.

XML Template for General

Right, Click on Download , then choose to save link as.

How to use the XML File

Download the file above, open Excel, Click on Open (to open document), locate the downloaded file (next to the open search box, in the File Name field, change the file type to "all Files". Click open

An Open XML notification box appears option must be set to "As an XML Table, Click "Ok"

Another window will open "The specified XML source does not refer to a schema" click "Ok"

Now you can enter your information. Once done save the file as an XML File.

You can also under Excel Option, Enable "Developer", when saving the file click on the Developer Tab and click on Export assign a file name to your worksheet.

Visit www.selltoday.co.za, login to your account, click on bulk uploads, click on Browse, locate your file, choose the appropriate category, click on upload.

For the following fields copy and paste to your worksheet
Province, ad_type, publisher_type
Pictures: On your website or where you have found the picture for your product, Right Click on the picture - copy image link, the paste it to the column with heading picture.




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